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We are Committed to YOU!

LOREEN & LANE was created to simplify and clarify the complexities of Health and Life insurance.

We provide customizable solutions that allow you to select an option that best meets you and your family’s budget and goals. Our goal is to empower YOU and help in making educated decisions that eliminate the stress and confusion surrounding insurance needs.

LOREEN & LANE life insurance

What to Expect from our Brokers:

At your One-on-One Appointment a Brokers will:

Assess YOUR Eligibility
Your Broker will identify and educate you of your enrollment options. You may be able to make changes to your plan outside of the open enrollment period.
Assess YOUR Needs
Your Broker will identify if your preferred Doctor and Hospital is covered. They will identify additional benefits that may be at your disposal for NO ADDITIONAL COST (i.e. Dental, Vision, Gym, may be included).
Present YOUR Options
Your Broker will take the time to assess your needs and provide you with a comprehensive solution that maximizes your budget and needs.
LOREEN & LANE life insurance

Loreen & Lane Health/Medicare Division

Your Licensed Agents are available to you at NO COST and have been trained in the pros and cons of major Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement Insurance plan companies in your service area.

Unlike most other Agents that offer only one product or carrier, our Agents are Certified and Trained to offer you multiple carriers. This gives beneficiaries the power to compare and the freedom to choose the plan that works for best for your specific needs.

Everyone is unique, and no one plan fits every person.

We help thousands of Medicare beneficiaries find the most suitable Health/Medicare coverage each year. We are happy to meet you at your home or a location that is convenient for you.

Loreen & Lane Life Insurance Division

In addition to Medicare, our agents will conduct a needs analysis to make sure your life insurance plan is the right fit for your budget. You will receive multiple options from multiple carriers that will allow you select a plan that meets your fiscal needs. We have access to life plans that meet a full range of budgets and needs. We have plans that range from $35 a month to +$200 that don’t require a physical.

Our licensed and trained agents offer the following products at No Cost Consultation:

We look forward to working with you and being your one stop shop for all your health and life insurance needs.